Raising money for a local charity? Why not hold a hago concert?

Booking information

If you're raising funds for a much-loved charity, book hago - we'll play a concert for you!
We're proud to fund-raise for charity - £74,366 so far (oh, and 10 chickens)

How does it work?

hago in concert

  • You provide a venue and ticketing and most importantly good publicity
  • You choose the date and time - 7:30pm is popular
  • We advertise it on our website - we serve 30-50,000 pages a month
  • We play a concert of 2 45-minute halves
  • You provide refreshments at half time, perhaps hold a raffle

What do you get?

guitar concert audience

  • Music for all tastes, from renaissance to popular modern pieces
  • A sound that surprises & delights - we're not loud - it's a sweet sound
  • New people interested in your charity
  • Your charity concert featured on our website before and after the event
  • You retain all the profits after our expenses and your venue hire cost

What do we need?

Floor plan for hago concert

  • Lots of publicity in local newspapers / local radio - your hard work early on is your profit on the night!
  • A performance area 6 metres by 3 metres (20ft x 10ft)
  • Armless chairs
  • Good lighting for us, and preferably dimmed lighting for the audience
  • An audience of up to 200
  • Somewhere secure to change and to store our guitar cases

How to find out more

  • Our concerts page shows our immediate concerts.

    Please note - some dates are booked 6-9 months in advance - not all our bookings far in the future are listed.

  • Please contact us - we'll chat over the details and email you our FAQ
    Before you do...

We've played over 100 concerts - you could be hosting our next one!