hago's new alto guitars

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November 2005

2005 has been a remarkable year for hago, with the joy of welcoming new players and new instruments.

In September 2005, we formally handed over hago's second contra (photo here) - and now, just two months on, we are retiring our two Raimundo 1498 Requintos (which we've restrung as altos), and replacing them with an Aria alto (pictured left with Kathryn) and a second-hand Alegria - story here - (pictured right with Viv). One of the Requintos remains our "in case of broken string" reserve, and the other is for sale.


Where does this change leave the hago orchestration?

  • We have two altos, and a third in reserve (fancy joining us to play it?)
  • We have two basses
  • And at the bottom, we have two contrabasses
  • Couple that with eight conventional guitars, and that's hago 2005
The Aria and Alegria alto guitar