Spinnaker Tower? Oh, pah-lease! - 30th May 2005

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The Spinnaker Tower? - one of the most popular ways in to our website from Google!

Oh dear.     Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

The previous page in this series noted the non-appearance of the Millennium Tower during the Millennium.
And its name change, of course, to hide that embarrassing fact.

15-0 to the Tower.   How British!   But it gets worse.

This page is written on Spring Bank Holiday 2005.

Here, by way of context, is The News - our local paper (for local people) - on January 15th 2005...
"It will be an economic disaster for businesses ... if it [the Spinnaker Tower] is not ready for the Spring Bank Holiday '
That was deputy council leader Phil Shaddock, doing nothing except making hot air and doing his Nostradamus bit.

Spring Bank Holiday is the date of this page.   Still not open. Oh well - 30-0 to the Spinnaker tower then...

Next deadline to miss is Trafalgar Day. Watch this space! That'll be match point - pile of concrete beats council...

Mr Shaddock - what exactly did you do to help, by the way, apart from the hot air and Nostradamus bit?
Nothing at all?
That word in your job title - leader - er, when do you, er, hope to show this leadership?
Oh - and do tell us what exactly is worse for businesses than economic disaster? Piles? Halitosis? A plague of boils?

Read on - we're embarrassed to say that the story isn't over...

Spinnaker Tower July 2005

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PS : For the happy ending, come and see the views from the Spinnaker Tower