Spinnaker Tower? The Maspero lift reaches a new low (as it were)

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The Portsmouth Spinnaker Tower

The Spinnaker Tower? - one of the most popular ways in to our website from Google!

Oh dear.     Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. How can it get any worse?

The first page in this series noted the non-appearance of the Millennium Tower during the Millennium.
And its name change, of course, to hide that embarrassing fact.

The second page (and we didn't intend this to become a series!) introduced Phil Shaddock's strategy to opening the tower.
To say, very vociferously, that it had to open by Spring Bank Holiday 2005.
It didn't.

We said that the next important date was the June Trafalgar festivities.
The Trafalgar Day was a great success.
The Tower, was of course, not ready...

40-0 to the Tower then - the Council are yet to score anything in return.

August 2005. Excellent weather for August Bank Holiday.
The Tower, was of course, not ready...

We wish we hadn't used tennis scores as an analogy, but it surely has to be game set and match when you read on...

October 2005. One week before the official handover to the Council, a party of guests ride the glass Maspero elevator (see the photo above) to the top. They don't exactly come down again - the lift jammed 260 feet up, and they had to scramble up a ladder. Seems Portsmouth ordered a lift but not a lower! Thank you, Maspero Elevatori...

On October 10th, City Council Leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson is quoted as saying
"At least the tower is safe. As far as I understand it, the lift became stuck because the safety equipment did what it was supposed to do" (We tend to think that this is as far as he understands it...)

October 2005. If the tower doesn't open soon, the operator will pull out and demand compensation from the Council.

But wait - on October 13th, they announce that the tower will open on October 18th.

October 18th The Millennium tower is reborn - It didn't open in 2000, but it was 2000 days late!
Actually, to be pedantic, it's late for that too - it's 2117 days

And on the first day, the Maspero lift jammed, trapping David Greenhalgh Spinnaker Tower chief project engineer between 10 and 30m above sea level (depending on whether you believe the local Newspaper or the BBC). Seems somehow apt, doesn't it... Anyway, Gerald Vernon-Jackson is sticking to his story, which paraphrases into "getting stuck in the lift is for your own safety and comfort..." The BBC had a nice slant on the story - "Faulty Tower".

Welcome to Portsmouth - things to smile about all the time you're here.
Some of us, however, have to live here permanently...

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In fairness, the tower is open now and we present the other side of the coin with our MD's Spinnaker Tower Photo Gallery