Living in the past or bucking the trend?

Quo vadis live music? Our MD procrastinates...

Sitting here, looking out of the window on a grey, cold, gloomy, wet November 2008 afternoon, it's hard to imagine going out this evening.

But hago have a concert tonight (hang on, to stop any misunderstandings, I mean we have a concert the day this was written!)

... cultural desert ...

If you look at the Portsmouth News for their listing of all the live concerts in SE Hampshire tonight, there are 2. Last time we played a concert on a Saturday, there was only us.

Such is the cultural desert that is Portsmouth.

If there is a body of live music in the UK, Portsmouth is the arm-pit.

  • So are we the last vestige of a bygone age? (I mean the concerts, not the players!)
  • Or are we bucking the trend?

With several concerts sold-out this year, with the largest audience of the Farlington Music Festival and with great reviews, we know we're bucking the trend.

Ear-splitting or pin-dropping?

The trouble is, live music has become so polarised that it's eardrum-splitting pop music where you can't talk to your neighbour, or it's stuffed-shirt classical music where you can't even unwrap a sweet to stifle the cough that you know you mustn't have.

It's obvious there's a middle ground - where the volume is pleasant, and you are played for, rather than played at (the pop concert) or played to (the classical concert).

It's not so obvious whether it's worth trudging out on a dark night to try it.

But it is. And don't take our word for it - listen to what the audience say... "Fabulously entertaining..."     "Vibrant..."     "Riotously good..."

Take some time out in a busy world

Just as the cinema immerses you in a film so much more than seeing it on TV, a live concert immerses you in music so much more than a CD. For about the same price.

So, book those tickets, put on that coat, and come to our next concert. Chances are it's for charity. By being there, you'll make a real difference to the fundraising.

Hope to see you! Best regards

Derek - Musical Director

See you soon!

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A spiffing evening...

hago presented a fabulously entertaining evening to an audience of more than 100 on 4th October. This musical feast, seasoned with a spice of cabaret, comedy and pantomime was thoroughly enjoyed by both the audience and guitarists alike. The guitarists were skilfully led by Musical Director Derek Hasted, who is not only an excellent musician but also made me and everyone else laugh 'til I almost cried. In the words of our very own Vince Bailey, it was "a spiffing evening" ...

Kate Tappy - HIADS

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