Junk mail from hago? No, it's not us!

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If you've had spam emails, apparently from hago, let us reassure you.

We only send emails in reply to our contact form.

Our privacy policy will assure you that your email address is safe with us.

Spammers are faking the From field to pretend we sent the emails.

It's easily done, and it's as irritating for us as it is for you... For every junk mail you get, purportedly from us, we get dozens of delivery failure emails - the idiots have stolen an out-of-date list of email addresses! We've had over 100 bounce messages a day, so we've turned off 15 hago email addresses they've illegally used - apologies if you tried to contact us via one of those addresses. Use our contact form for genuine enquiries.

It's happened before!

As we said last time this happened : "We don't sell fake pills. If you feel you need more inches down below to achieve that extra depth, we simply suggest a Niibori Bass guitar..."

And the previous time : "Whilst we care very much that you enjoy our concerts, have our assurance that our concern doesn't extend to your bedtime stamina, hair loss, mortgage applications or your desire to help a terminally ill widow of a despot unlock £32,000,000 from a secret bank account. "

Spam, spam, spam, spam, lovely spam, wonderful spam